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ServiceNow IntegrationHub Spokes & Spoke Actions

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This article will provide an overview of ServiceNow's IntegrationHub process automation tool and will also provide a searchable and sortable list of spokes and spoke actions.

What is ServiceNow's IntegrationHub?

ServiceNow IntegrationHub is a tool that allows users to integrate functionality from third-party party apps into workflows built in ServiceNow. ServiceNow IntegrationHub is similar to Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier in that it allows users to build codeless integrations to other external apps using pre-built or custom connections called Spokes.

What is a ServiceNow IntegrationHub Spoke?

A Spoke is a connection to a third-party app or service. For example, using the IntegrationHub Gmail or Google Calendar Spokes, you could connect workflows built in ServiceNow to Gmail or Google Calendar to perform tasks in those apps such as send an email or create a calendar event. When using IntegrationHub, users can use out-of-the-box Spokes or can create custom Spokes. An Out-of-the-Box Spoke is one that is pre-built by ServiceNow to allow integration with commonly used apps. Custom Spokes are connections to apps that aren't pre-built by ServiceNow out of the box. When using custom Spokes, users are responsible for configuring the connection to the app in addition to configuring the functionality you're trying to incorporate in your workflows in ServiceNow.

What is a Spoke Action?

A Spoke Action is simply a function or task that can be incorporated in a workflow built in ServiceNow. ServiceNow spokes feature a set of spoke actions that can be added to a workflow out-of-the-box in ServiceNow's visual workflow builder called Flow Designer. For example, using the Google Sheet spoke, users could incorporate any of the following spoke actions into a workflow:

  • Add a row

  • Update cell

  • Create sheet

  • Delete sheet

What are Flows & Subflows in ServiceNow's IntegrationHub?

Some IntegrationHub spokes provide template workflows that are already fully built to demonstrate how you can use a spoke to automate common business scenarios. These templates are like a starting point to make building workflows in ServiceNow easy for users. Users can use these templates as they are or can choose to modify or extend them as needed.

List of ServiceNow IntegrationHub Spoke and Spoke Actions

ServiceNow has a detailed list of the available out-of-the-box spokes in their developer documentation. The table below is a searchable and sortable list of all of the out-of-the-box ServiceNow IntegrationHub spokes and spoke actions. The table outlines:

  • The spoke name

  • The ServiceNow IntegrationHub subscription type required to use a spoke

  • The type of spoke actions available for a selected spoke. These include spoke actions, flows, subflows, and catalog items.

  • The function which describes what a spoke action can do

  • A detailed description of what a spoke action does

  • The link to the developer documentation

Note that this table will be updated periodically to ensure accuracy. If you would like to comment or suggest an update or enhancement, please submit a contact request form.

P.S. This table was built entirely without code using Airtable. If you're interested in learning more about Airtable, click here.

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